Raw Earth Sweetener Co Pty Ltd

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What is Monk Fruit?

Raw Earth is made with a sugarless extract derived from Monk Fruit. The extract is 150 – 250 times sweeter than regular sugar and has been cultivated for centuries by Monks, hence the name. Monk Fruit extract has ZERO calories, ZERO carbs, and doesn’t raise blood glucose levels.

Monk Fruit’s unique flavour makes it perfect for those who don’t like the taste of other sweeteners.

Completely natural

Created using only 100% natural, non-GMO ingredients with Monk Fruit to bring you the best tasting experience.

Tastes better

Our unique blend of Monk Fruit and Stevia tastes great in tea, coffee and baking with zero bitterness.

Good For You

Raw Earth is fructose free, has 94% less calories than sugar and has low GI.

Only the best

Indulge in the Natural Sweetness when baking, cooking, and in tea and coffee

All Natural Sweetener crafted with Monk Fruit

Two of the world’s best Naturak extracts combined to bring  you a unique taste expecience! We use ripened Monk Fruit and organic ingredients to create the perfect sweet taste with zero bitterness. 

Our Mission

Raw Earth wants to bring quality sugar-free creations, we believe that healthy  food can be also delicious.  We promote a healthy lifestyle and are always at the front of innovation with the quality of our ingredients.